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Tailor-Made Service

is that the customer’s demand turns into a real world of logistics flow. In order to design the Tailer Made Service ....[more]


One Contact Solution

is to enable you easy access to korchina network with comprehensive liability. Our one contact solution consists of one .... [more]



is to exchange shipping information through internet world. Currently Korchina Group has completed our IT platform including .... [more]


Korchina Payment System 

Invoice No.:
Amount: USD

How to use KPS

  1. Please select Korchina Branch Name, and input Invoice No.
  2. If there are many invocies for settlement, you can inform us of it by e-mail.
  3. Select Credit Card and click "Payment".
  4. Please print "Payment Recipt".

Hot News

  • [?2012-04-12]

    In order to provide on-time cargo delivery service for customer, korchina has implemented real-time based cargo status KPI system.
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